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How to Install Ikea Molding

Kate Muir

IKEA has molding kits to finish floors with and for kitchen cupboards that reach to the ceiling. The kits include the fittings and the screws necessary for installation, but the PLAN clips for the floor molding are sold separately. These clips attach to the wall, and are specially designed to fit IKEA floor molding.

Kitchen ceiling and floor molding finishes a room.

Cleats come with the IKEA cabinets but you'll need tools to fasten them on properly.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Molding

  1. Measure the space between the top edge of the cabinets and the ceiling. Ensure that the molding is the correct size to fit the space.

  2. Attach the cleats on to the cabinets, spacing them out evenly. The cleats act as a brace to keep the molding straight across the cabinets during installation. Hang the molding across, use the cleats to keep it in place. Hammer the nails into the molding from inside the cabinet to attach the molding to the kitchen cupboards.

  3. Glue the molding to the ceiling, this is another way to attach it into place. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Remove the cleats when it is dry.

Installing Floor Moldings

  1. Remove any molding that currently exists with a hammer or crowbar.

  2. Use a hammer or screw driver to attach the PLAN clips to the wall. The clips should be placed 20 inches apart.

  3. Attach the skirting boards to the PLAN clips and snap into place.