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How to Make a Cover for an Electric Fence Energizer

Rebecca Boardman

An electric fence is an effective and economical way for livestock owners to keep their animals safe and enclosed in pastures and other areas. The problem, however, is how to protect the electric fence energizer when no building or overhead structure is available. The solution is to build a simple cover.

Electric fence energizer
  1. Purchase a plastic trash can large enough to completely cover your fence charger.

  2. Cut an opening in the back of the trash can that will allow you to lower the bottom of the trash can over the top of your fence charger.

  3. Disconnect the ground and fence line from your charger. Place the trash can over the charger. Run the disconnected lines back through the hole and reattach them to the charger.

  4. Secure the plastic trash can to the post or pole where the electric fence energizer is secured. Make sure the hole the charger is placed through faces the direction of the least weather activity. Secure the trash can with wire, screws, nails or any other option that will work.

  5. Test the strength of your attachment by pulling on the trash can and making sure it will not be easily blown off. If done properly, you have now created a waterproof, windproof shelter for your fence charger. Turn your fence charger on; make sure the current is going uninterrupted to your fence line.