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How to Disable an Electric Fence

Kenneth Crawford

Electric fences are useful for keeping livestock safely inside your property. The fence generates just enough electricity to enable animals to form a behavior to stay away from the fence. When the fence is no longer necessary or repairs are necessary, you should disable the system. Fully disabling an electric fence requires not only removing the power source but also disconnecting the fence from the charger.

Step 1

Disconnect the power source to the electric fence charger. The charger is the main power box that the connects the ends of the fence and the ground line. Most fence chargers have a power cord that you simply unplug from the outlet. Some fence chargers use batteries, requiring you to remove the battery cables. Remove the wing nut securing the the positive cable first and then remove the negative cable.

Step 2

Remove the fuse on the outside unit. The fuse may be hidden behind an access panel. If so, unscrew the access panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver and pull the fuse out of the charger

Step 3

Remove the fence wires from the terminal inside the fence charger. Loosen terminal screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver if your charger uses screws to connect the ends of the electric fence wire. Turn wing nuts counterclockwise to remove the fence wires, if your charger has these type of terminal fasteners.