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How to Tell If an Electric Fence Is Working

It is important to know if your electric fence is working. Just because a electric fence is on, does not mean it is working. When the electric fence is on top of grass and other material it can eventually ground out the fence so it will not work properly.

Is The Electric Fence Working?
  1. Check if the fence is on. This can be done be checking the switch or some fences have a light that is on at the top of the fence. A light can also be added to a electric fence after purchase. The light is handy when wanting to know if the electric fence is on from across the yard.

  2. Check to make sure the electricity is going through the fence and not being grounded along the way. This can be done many ways. You can buy a small tester at a farm store that will give you information on if it is on and how much energy it is producing. The non scientific way would be to touch the fence with a blade of grass or with a metal screwdriver with a plastic handle to check for a pulse. The non scientific way can be dangerous because unknown equation, so buying a cheap hand held tester would probably be the best option.

  3. Practice safety around a electric fence. While the most common electric fences will not do severe harm by one touch, it can do major harm with other elements are combined such as rain or holding on for a long period of time.


Keep safety first when working with a electric fence. Always read and follow manufacturers directions for the electronic fence and reading devices.