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Troubleshooting a Guardian Wireless Dog Fence

Gwen Wark

Guardian wireless dog fencing is installed underground. When activated and working properly, this creates a wireless barrier that helps to train your dog to stay within the boundaries of the fence.

When a Guardian wireless dog fence is not operating correctly, this can create a dangerous situation in which your dog is able to run loose. It is important to get problems with the fence resolved quickly, for your peace of mind and your pet's health alike.

  1. Check the battery on the receiver collar. Make sure that it is seated properly; if it has slipped or is drained, the training mechanism will not operate correctly.

  2. Verify that the fence transmitter is plugged into a working outlet. The fence will not work if the power is cut.

  3. Inspect the wireless transmitter on the fence and make sure both lights are lit. If both lights are not lit, disconnect the boundary wire. Cut 10 feet of new boundary wire and connect it to the boundary wire terminals. With the control set at 10, inspect the transmitter again. If the "Loop Indicator" light is not lit, the transmitter is not functioning properly. If it is lit, disconnect one end and verify that the light goes out -- if it does not, this also indicates that the transmitter is not functioning properly.

  4. Trim your pet's fur or select a collar receiver with longer contact points. The contact points must touch skin in order for the collar to function properly as a training aid.

  5. Verify that the Static Training Level is set to the #2 or #3 setting.

  6. Make sure that the fence transmitter is at least 3 feet away from any large, metal objects. These objects can interfere with the signal and disrupt the training process.