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How to Get the Dent Out of a Color Bond Fence

Rob Kemmett

Colorbond fences are constructed of high grade steel and, like all forms of molded steel, are prone to dents. Whether it is caused by the weather or a rowdy child, a dent in your fence is an eyesore. Fortunately, dents in metal fencing constructed by Colorbond are not difficult to remove. Remove dents from a Colorbond fence using the same technique used to remove dents from automobiles.

  1. Fill a bucket with soap and warm water. Dip a clean rag into the soapy water and wash the dented area of the fence. Do not leave any debris or caked-on dirt. Dry the fence with another clean rag.

  2. Hold the dent puller up to the middle of the dent on the fence. Center the suction cup over the dent.

  3. Push the suction cup onto the dent with your hands. Gently pull the dent puller away from the fence to test the strength of the suction. Make sure you have strong suction between the cup and the fence. If not, remove the suction cup from the fence and try again.

  4. Lock the dent puller in place by pulling the two side handles together. Some models of suction cup dent pullers may vary -- consult the owner's manual if the model you are using is different.

  5. Slowly pull the dent puller away from the fence, using even pressure, until the dent is popped out and the fence is even. Do not yank on the dent puller -- use slow, even pressure.

  6. Open the handles to unlock the dent puller and remove the suction cup from the fence.