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How to Treat Bamboo Furniture

Katherine Kally

Bamboo furniture is durable, beautiful and eco-friendly. You can treat your bamboo furniture much the same as you would any of your other hardwood furnishings. You can finish bamboo with stain or wax, clean it with a dust cloth and regular furniture polish or wash it with mild soap and water. Treat your bamboo furniture with respect and you will enjoy it for years to come.

  1. Stain your unfinished bamboo furniture with wax or liquid stain. Sand the surface lightly and then remove all of the sanding debris with a tacky cloth. Apply stain for color or a clear coat of polyurethane to protect the natural look of the wood. Select a stain/polyurethane combination to both color and protect in one easy step. You may need more than one coat of clear polyurethane or stain/polyurethane to achieve the color and shine that you like. Always let the stain or polyurethane dry before applying another coat.

  2. Dust your finished bamboo furniture often to protect it from possible scratches. A soft cloth or a Swiffer duster will work to keep your bamboo dust-free. You can also treat your bamboo furniture to a monthly cleaning with lemon oil and a weekly polishing with spray or liquid furniture polish. Regular polishing or oil treatments allow the wood to absorb moisture from the oil and keep it nourished without cracking or drying.

  3. Remove stains and other dirt from bamboo furniture with warm, soapy water and a firm brush or sponge, depending on the stain. As with other wood furniture, you should not allow your bamboo to stay wet for very long. Place it in the sun or a breezeway, or dry it with a cool hair dryer to keep the water from settling into the wood. If the stain is set in, you may need to sand and refinish the area with the spot, or the entire piece.