How to Move a Storage Shed

The task of moving a storage shed can be very complicated or straightforward, depending on the size of shed, construction type, or what the shed is made of, where the shed is located and where it will be moved. The shed can be moved by using a crane to pick it up and move it, or it can be moved manually using rollers.

This shed was moved by a crane.

Step 1

Locate the area on the property where the shed will be moved.

Step 2

Determine the route the shed will travel and remove any obstacles in the path, including rocks, debris, and any other items that could block the moving process.

Step 3

Place the plywood or 2-foot by 4-foot boards on the ground if the ground is not paved. These should be placed on the first part of the pathway in front of the shed, leading to the shed's ultimate destination.

Step 4

Obtain at least 3 pieces of 2-inch diameter pipe, preferably metal or heavy duty PVC, that are slightly longer than the width of the shed. Be prepared to use them in Step 6.

Step 5

Lift the end of the shed, using a strong pry bar.

Step 6

Have a helper place one piece of pipe under the lifted edge of the shed about 2 feet from the edge. If the ground is not paved, place the ply wood or 2 2-foot by 4-foot runners under the piece of pipe perpendicular to the pipe so the pipe will roll on the runners.

Step 7

Lower the shed so that it is resting on the pipe.

Step 8

Go to the other end of the shed, and with the pry bar or a helper, push the shed until it starts to roll on the pipe.

Step 9

Stop the rolling of the shed before the pipe is about a 1/3 of the distance under the shed. The shed should be on an angle with the leading end slightly higher than the end being pushed on.

Step 10

Place another piece of pipe under the front end of the shed.

Step 11

Begin pushing on the shed so it starts to roll again.

Step 12

Repeat this process moving the pipes to the front of the shed as they come to the back of the shed, always keeping 2 pipes under the shed and moving the third pipe. If it is rolling on boards, you will have to add plywood or 2-foot by 4-foot runners as needed.

Step 13

Continue moving the shed until you reach the new location.

Step 14

Hire a crane and operator if the shed is too large or heavy to move manually. Make sure there is adequate room and access for the crane to maneuver to be able to move the shed.

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