How to Create a Soundproof Room

A soundproof room may be needed for a variety of reasons, such as playing music loud and staying on friendly terms with your neighbors or to protect yourself from excessive outside noise. Luckily, you can accomplish this without spending a lot of money.

How to Create a Soundproof Room

Insulation is a key factor.
  1. Remove any crown molding or baseboards on the walls. Find the two-by-fours under your existing wall with the stud finder and mark their location so you can easily find them later.

  2. Use a two-by-four and nail it over the two-by-four you found underneath the wall. Do this for each two-by-four in the wall so you have another frame on the outside of the wall similar to what your wallboard on the inside of the wall looks like.

  3. Place fiberglass insulation between the two-by-four of the frame you have just added until you have filled the space between the studs. Put a sheet of the gypsum board over the two-by-fours using wood screws.

  4. Put drywall mud over the seams where each sheet of the gypsum board meets, then a piece of joint tape and more drywall mud. Smooth the mud with a trowel made for applying drywall mud. Once this dries, smooth it over with sandpaper.

  5. Paint or wallpaper the walls in the color and design of your choice.


  • Remember to handle the insulation with gloves to avoid itching or a rash on your hands.