How to Get Tie Dye Out of a Washing Machine?

Tie dyeing is lots of fun, especially for children. It produces one-of-a-kind designs with minimal skill. Afterwards, you are left with a washing machine covered in dye. If you don't clean it properly, the dye will transfer to your clean laundry.

Get Tie Dye Out of a Washing Machine?
  1. After the dyeing cycle is finished, run the dyed clothes through two additional washing cycles. If you've been using fiber reactive dyes, wash them in cold water first, then in hot water. With acid dyes, use cool water for both cycles.

  2. Take out the dyed clothes.

  3. Put some rags into the washing machine.

  4. Run the machine through on a hot cycle, adding bleach instead of laundry detergent.

  5. Run the machine through one final cycle, without adding any more bleach. Once the cycle is completed, the machine should be clean. You can use it to do the laundry without worrying about staining your clothes.


  • Certain dyes may stain the rubber parts of the washing machine. Red and black dyes are the most difficult to remove. This will not affect subsequent loads of laundry. Some mixed colors of MX fiber reactive dye include turquoise MX-G (reactive blue #140) dye among the ingredients. This dye will stain the white enamel interior of the washing machine.
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