How to Get a Free Paint Chip Book

Lots of interior and exterior paint projects require that you have lots of paint chips so you can decide on the best colors. Storing lots of paint chip samples of different sizes from different companies can make you feel disorganized and lead you to get chips that you already have. Wouldn't it be easier if you had a paint company's entire collection of paint color chips in one book - like the paint contractors and interior designers have? Here's what you need to do to score your own paint chip book for free.

Do you love paint color chips?
  1. Go to your local paint stores or paint departments at your home stores like Lowe's or Home Depot.
  2. Ask someone in the paint department when they get new paint chips in.
  3. Come in on a day when the representative from the paint color company is there to refill the paint chip samples as indicated in step two.
  4. Get your own complete paint color book.
  5. Ask the representative if they have a paint chip book that you could have. If you arrived before the rep came, then ask the employees in the paint department if they'll ask for one for you and hold it for you. If you came in afterwards, then see if the rep left any. If not, then see if they'll get one for you next time.


  • Some paint stores may try to get you to pay for a paint chip book. Don't do it! There are plenty of paint companies and departments which can get you free ones.


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