How to Have a Rug Cleaned Professionally

Rugs bring charm, color and richness to a room. However, even with the strictest care, rugs will need to be cleaned. Professional carpet and rug cleaners have a variety of cleaning options at their disposal. Whether having fine area rugs or wall-to-wall carpet cleaned, the process is the same: Choose the professional that has the right equipment and knowledge for the specific rug.

Hiring a Professional Rug Cleaner

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  1. Ask friends for professional carpet-cleaning recommendations. Also, the Internet has a plethora of companies vying for your attention. Search engines will help, but consider a website that prescreens cleaners, such as ServiceMagic.com. Finally, the Yellow Pages are still the place to let your fingers do the walking.

  2. Measure the rugs before calling. This will give the professional on the phone the information needed to quote a price. If available, retrieve any paperwork that came with the rug that might indicate what material it is made of. Wool rugs should not be treated with certain chemicals, such as enzymes designed to "eat" protein stains. The best idea is to schedule an in-house estimate. These should be cost- and obligation-free.

  3. Ask questions about the the methods the cleaner uses. While any carpet-cleaning method can be used on most carpets, it is best to seek out a cleaner who has more than one trick up his sleeve. For instance, to go into business, a cleaner may purchase a steam machine. Steam does a fine job; however, wool area rugs, especially Orientals, often respond better to shampoo cleaning. Some cleaners offer a pickup service for area rugs. This is a premium service. Ask what will be done differently at the cleaner's location than in your home. If a professional has carpet-drying racks and wringing machines that spin the carpet dry, then the service may be worth the extra money.

  4. Request proof of insurance, especially if the company is taking the rug to be cleaned. Asking for an insurance certificate takes only a moment of the cleaner's time. The insurance company can fax or e-mail a copy with little effort. If the cleaner balks, claiming it is too complicated, then either he has not been in business long enough to know how to request an insurance certificate, or he does not have insurance. Either way, it is an indicator to choose a different company.

  5. Prepare the rug before the cleaner arrives. Even if the cleaner has said he will move furniture, there are still items that should be moved out of the way. For instance, expensive knick-knacks and lamps should be moved from the room so they do not get broken. As a courtesy to the cleaner, pick up any nonessential items that may be in his way, such as magazines, dog toys or blankets next to the sofa. The fewer items in the way mean more attention on servicing the rug.

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