How to Clean Asbestos Dust

Dan Falk

Asbestos is a substance that is present in many different kinds of products. You can find asbestos fibers mainly in insulation, certain cements and floor tiles, and some kinds of paint. When asbestos is in these types of products, they are usually harmless.

Asbestos can be very harmful, however, if it is inhaled or ingested, which is common in many types of renovation or construction, as well as the cleanup from natural disasters. You can find more information about asbestos at the website under the additional resources. If you find that your home has been exposed to asbestos dust, it is important to get a professional service to clean up as much as possible before you try to clean up anything else.


Make sure that you change the air conditioner filter, the vacuum cleaner filter, the protective clothing, masks, gloves and all of the rags properly. You can contact your local health agency for disposal instructions.

  1. Put on your mask and protective clothing. Seal any joining areas with duct tape to avoid air exposure.

  2. Wipe all exposed areas with the wet rags. This will help keep the dust from spreading as you clean.

  3. Clean all furniture and carpets thoroughly. You may want to make several passes to ensure that you get the deep down dust, especially in the carpeting; vacuum them several times to make sure that you have gotten all the small particles.

  4. Clean hard surfaces with regular cleaners, using rags that can be disposed of properly.

  5. Contact an agency to test your home. After you have cleaned everything, it is important to have the home tested to make sure there are no lingering asbestos fibers.