How to Cover Asbestos

Sarah Estlund

Homes that were built in the early 1900s may contain asbestos. Additionally, homes as well as businesses may contain asbestos in certain items such as wood burning stoves, stove top pads, vinyl floor tiles, walls and floors, and exposed insulated piping.

Asbestos is not a health hazard initially, but if it is disturbed, the fibers that are released can pose a serious health problem. If the asbestos is in an out-of-the-way area, you may consider leaving it alone; however, if you chose to cover it, there's a few steps to follow to do it safely.

  1. Turn off the heating or air conditioning system.

  2. Put on the disposable gloves.

  3. Lay down the plastic sheet in and around the area where the asbestos is.

  4. Cover the area affected with asbestos with duct tape if it is on the floor. Do not disturb the material any more than is necessary to put the duct tape over the area.

  5. Cover the area affected with asbestos with cellophane if the asbestos is on exposed insulated piping. Wrap the piping tightly with cellophane and secure with duct tape.

  6. Tip

    Only cover the asbestos if it is in a high-traffic area and is likely to be disturbed. It is extremely important to wear gloves and cover the area around the asbestos with a plastic sheet.


    Do not disturb the area affected with asbestos any more than is necessary to cover completely. Chances are the asbestos is currently not a health hazard; however, disturbing it may cause dangerous fibers to be released into the air.