How to Make a Bird Bath Fountain

A garden is not complete without a water feature to accent the area. If an elaborate water feature is not in your budget, try making a birdbath with a fountain. It is not difficult to do and will bring many hours of enjoyment watching the birds frolic in the water.


  1. Drill a hole in the middle of each saucer with the drill. These holes will be where the dripper hose will be on the inside of the fountain, so make sure the holes are in the same spot on each saucer. Drill a hole in the side of one of the 10-inch pots. You will be making a three-tiered birdbath in graduated sizes from largest to smallest. Drill a hole in the base of the lawn ornament. Use frogs, turtles or any other type of small ornament.

  2. Assemble the fountain by placing the 10-inch saucer with the hole in the side upside down on the ground. Place the PVC pipe on top of the saucer and glue in place.

  3. Place the second 10-inch saucer right side up on the top of the PVC pipe and glue in place. This is the base pool for the birdbath and the first tier.

  4. Take the 8-inch pot and turn it upside down in the middle of the 10-inch saucer you just glued in place. Glue the pot in place as well. Place the 8-inch saucer right side up on top of the upside down pot and glue in place.This is the second tier and slightly smaller than the first tier.

  5. Repeat Step 4 with the 6-inch pot and saucer. This is the third and top tier of the birdbath. Glue the lawn ornament in place of the hole in the top saucer.

  6. Allow all connections to dry without movement according to package drying time directions, as any type of waterproof bonding agent is usable.

  7. Thread the dripper hose into hole drilled into the base is and up through the tubing and pots, and into the base of the lawn ornament. Attach the other end of the dripper hose to a water hose or outdoor faucet. Turn the water on and the fountain will fill the lawn ornament, which then fills the top saucer. As the saucer fills, it will spill into the second, larger saucer and then into the base. Turn the water off when full.

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