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How to Build Your Own Squirrel Baffle for a 4X4 Post

Mark Morris

Squirrels are fun to watch but they can be very destructive. Damage to your bird feeders, bird houses and other garden ornaments can be costly and frustrating. If you have a feeder, bird house or other ornament installed on a four-by-four post, a squirrel baffle made of sheet aluminum, installed with common tools, may help prevent squirrels from invading. In addition to preventing damage and saving both money and frustration, you will ensure that your feathered friends won't have to compete with squirrels for their dinner.

Getting Started

Keeping squirrels away from bird feeders can be a baffling problem.
    Lightweight aluminum sheet metal can help you baffle backyard squirrels.
  1. Lay the aluminum out flat and use the tape measure and carpenter's square to mark a rectangle 24 by 18 inches.

  2. Use tin snips to cut along the lines.

  3. Use a hammer to bend down any rough or twisted edges left by the snips.

Attaching to the Post

    Use a hammer and roofing nails or a drill and screws.
  1. Using either a hammer and roofing nails or a drill with screw bit and sheet metal screws, securely fasten one 24-inch edge to the post. The 18-inch edge should be flush with the top of the post. Use five nails or screws evenly spaced, keeping metal flat and tight.

  2. Use a hammer and pliers to bend the metal at the first corner. Fasten the second side in the same way.

  3. Repeat step two for the remaining three corners. The metal should overlap approximately two to three inches. Fasten the end securely, avoiding driving nails or screws into your original fasteners.