How to Get Rid of Bees in a Chimney

Bees commonly like to build nests in walls and chimneys since they prefer isolated spaces that are quiet, dark and dry.

If bees build a nest in your chimney, some bees will appear in your house near the chimney. You can check the inside of your chimney using a flashlight, but you must make sure not to disturb the bees so that you'll be able to properly eradicate them and dispose of the nest. You must also inspect the bottom of your chimney for any dead bees so that you can remove them immediately so that they don't attract more pests.

Eliminate the bee problem in your chimney before you try to remove the nest. Spray a strong bee repellent up into your chimney. Use a spray that will shoot a stream of at least 20 feet. Follow the directions on the bottle and wait for at least one hour.

Call a pest removal specialist to help get rid of any bees that may remain in your chimney. If there are still bees near the nest after you've sprayed repellent, do not try to clean the chimney yourself or start a fire in the chimney.

The pest removal specialist will use special tools to remove the nest and dispose of it once the chimney is fully sprayed.

Keep your chimney clean by spraying throughout the chimney with a hose and cleaning off any honey that is still stuck to the sides or bottom. You may need to dig inside the chimney with a poker to scrap off any honey residue.

Consider sealing up your chimney when you're not using it if the problem recurs. You can purchase sealing products for your chimney at your local hardware store. Continue to keep your chimney clean and remove any long branches that hang over your roof.

Things You Will Need

  • Bee repellent
  • Chimney poker


  • Don't start a fire in the chimney to remove the bees as it will just bring angry bees into your house.