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How to Repel Termites With Fuel & Oil

Naomi Bolton

Termites are responsible for one to two billion dollars in damage repair and control costs in the states annually, according to Dr. Brian Forschler of the University of Georgia.

Homeowners can eradicate termites without calling a pest control company.

Subterranean termites, which naturally live underground and feed on cellular and wood byproducts, cause the most damage to homes and similar structures. According to the termite eradication company Terminix, for every house damaged by fire in North Carolina, four are damaged by termites. Although many pest control companies exist, the homeowner can eradicate and repel termites himself.

  1. Use a shovel to dig trenches around the perimeter of the building. Dig as close to the foundations as possible and dig around the entire structure, where feasible, as this area is the main entry point for termites. Dig the trench three to six inches deep.

  2. Lay the dirt next to the trench. It will be returned to the trench when the treatment is complete.

  3. Use a pick to make a number of holes in the bottom of the trench, as close to the foundations as possible. Angle the holes toward the foundations. It is important to break into the termites' tunnels. If the hole you make does not lead into the termite’s tunnel system, discard it and create another hole a few feet farther along the trench.

  4. Fill a watering can with fuel, oil or orange oil, which has been made from orange peels.

  5. Place a long nozzle funnel into the hole and pour fuel or oil slowly down the funnel. Oil is viscous and depending on the soil type, may not be absorbed immediately into the ground. Pour a small amount and move on to the next hole.

  6. When you have poured fuel or oil into all holes, return to the first one and add additional fuel or oil, if the ground has absorbed what you have already poured into the holes.

  7. Wait until the next day for the fuel to be thoroughly absorbed into the ground. Apply fuel for the final time to each hole.

  8. Use the shovel to return the dirt that was removed and fill up the trench. Compact the soil with the back of the shovel. Termites need to return to their nest for moisture, and those that were within the structure when you applied the fuel or oil, will not be able to return and will die. Those within the tunnels and nest areas will be killed by the fuel or oil application.