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How to Stop Squirrels from Gnawing on a Log Home

Keith Dooley

Squirrels are commonly found in the yards and property around many homes. Many people enjoy watching the daily activities of a squirrel as it nests or prepares for winter. However, when a squirrel becomes interested in a possible source of food, its antics can turn damaging. Squirrels have sharp teeth that are well suited for gnawing wood. A log home can quickly become damaged unless steps are taken to stop the squirrels. Make a homemade repellent to discourage squirrels from damaging a log home.

Make a homemade repellent to stop squirrels from gnawing on a log home.
  1. Remove the top from a 1-gallon spray container.

  2. Pour 6 oz., or one small bottle, of hot sauce into the spray container.

  3. Pour 1/2 gallon of water into the container with the hot sauce. Add 1 tsp. of liquid dish detergent to the container. Place the lid on the container and shake to mix the ingredients.

  4. Slowly remove the lid from the spray container and pour in another 1/2 gallon of water. Place the lid on the container and shake again to completely mix.

  5. Spray along the ground around the log home as well as areas of wood on which the squirrel has gnawed. Adjust the spray nozzle on the spray container to a fine mist and coat the area with the repellent.