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How to Use Pledge to Polish Furniture

April Dowling

Wood's versatile designs, diverse hues, and durability make it a common furniture material in homes. However, exposure to direct sunlight, dry heat, and fluctuating humidity levels cause wood to dehydrate and crack. Pet dander, dirt particles, body oils, and dust make wood appear dull and neglected. Pledge furniture polish removes accumulated grime from furniture pieces to revitalize their finishes. Pledge contains lemon oil to protect wood surfaces from moisture-related damage and increase longevity. You can regularly clean and polish wood furniture using Pledge and basic supplies.

  1. Moisten a soft, lint-free rag with water. Squeeze the cloth to wring out all excess liquid.

  2. Wipe the damp rag over the furniture to remove abrasive grime particles and debris. Follow the wood's natural grain to prevent the grit from scratching the furniture. Frequently fold over the rag to prevent transferring grime back onto the wood surface.

  3. Rub a microfiber cloth over the furniture until the wood is completely dry. Do not leave any remaining moisture on the wood.

  4. Shake the can of Pledge to prepare the polish for use. Hold the can upright, and position it 8 inches from the wood surface. Spray an even layer of polish directly onto the furniture.

  5. Rub a second microfiber cloth over the furniture, following the wood's natural grain. Completely wipe up the polish without leaving any residue on the wood surface.