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How to Kill Aphids on your Water Lilies

Water lilies, like all plants, are susceptible to pests. Aphids love them. We buy water lilies because of their beauty, so here's an easy and safe way to keep them beautiful. This mix of common household items is easy and safe to use on water liiies. It can also be used on eggplants, carrots, lettuce, celery, watermelon, peppers and cucumbers. It will also work against whiteflies and spider mites.

Fighting aphids on your water lilies

  1. Spray aphids with this homemade mixture when you notice aphids on your water lilies.

  2. Mix one to two and one half teaspoons of the detergent oil mix with one cup of water.

  3. Spray the water lilies using a hand sprayer.

  4. Do not remove the water lilies from the pond unless you have a heavy infestation of aphids.

  5. Do a thorough soaking on the bottom of the pads as well as on top if you have a heavy infestation. If you spray the bottom of the leaves, remove the plant from the water.

  6. Replace the lily immediately after spraying. Do not allow it to dry out or you may kill the plant.

  7. Spray your lilies every ten days until the aphids are gone.