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How to Drown Termites

Charong Chow

Termites are destructive pests to homes and trees. They have strong survival skills. If you want to kill them without pesticide, you can drown terminates. According to "Pest Control Technology Magazine," it can take up to 19.6 hours for termites to drown in water. Soapy water will drown subterranean termites.

Termites devour wood inside your home and trees outside.

Orange oil will work on dry-wood termites.

  1. Mix one part liquid detergent to four parts water in a bucket. This solution will help drown subterranean termites, which live underground. They build mud tunnels to get into the wood below your home.

  2. Pour the soapy water solution into a garden pump sprayer. Set the garden sprayer to mist and douse the termites' mud tunnels.

  3. Turn the leaf blower on low and point the mist into the termite tunnels. Leave it on for four hours. Repeat in different areas where termite tunnels are found.

  4. Drill into infested wood where dry-wood termites are. Use a 1/2-inch drill bit. Drilling into the wood breaks into the termites' tunnel system. Add orange oil. Drill roughly every 5 inches and repeat.

  5. Inject the orange oil into the drilled areas with a syringe, Orange oil can be purchased at stores which sell eco-friendly pesticides. Syringes can be purchased with the orange oil. Or, use the largest plastic syringe available at medical supply stores.

  6. Fill all the drilled holes with the orange oil and reapply after two hours. It may take up to five days for all the termites to die, according to a June 2007 study in "Household and Structural Insects."

  7. Tip

    You do not need to move out while using these alternative termite control methods. Prevent subterranean termites by making sure any wooden parts of the house at at least 18-inches above the ground. Metal shields at the ground level may also prevent termites from entering into the house from the ground.


    Don't ingest orange oil.