How to Compare Prices of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds allow you to adjust the bed for more comfortable positions.

They are ideal for people with medical conditions. People without a medical condition can enjoy them as well. Prices of these beds vary by brand and the features offered. When comparing prices of adjustable beds, it is necessary to examine the features and know your needs.

Examine your budget to determine which adjustable beds fit your price range. Some may be too expensive to consider. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes cheap models do not offer the features of more expensive ones.

Determine what type of adjustable bed you would like. Some models are simply capable of adjusting backward and forward, while others offer firmness adjustments and massaging capabilities.

Look at the controls. Some adjustable beds have remote controls and others are manually controlled. Wireless controls are usually more expensive, so determine how highly you value this feature.

Decide what size of bed you need and whether you would like it to be split. Split beds allow each person to control one side of the bed so that one person can sit up while the other lies down. Beds not split require that both people be in the same position.


  • Many retailers offer payment plans to help you afford the bed you want.


  • Beware of selecting an adjustable bed that is high off the floor. It may make getting on and off of the bed difficult.

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