How to Replace a GE Oven Element

The most common problem with a GE oven is bad bake or broil element.

GE has produced hundreds of different shapes and sizes of elements over the years, but most of them come down to three basic types as far as installation and replacement are concerned. Replacing the element in your GE oven can be surprisingly easy if you know what to do. Step one is for older plug-in style elements, steps two through four are for different kinds of wired-in elements. .

Look to see if the element has a metal box and bracket at the end, or if it just plugs in.

If the unit simply plugs in, just pull it out and plug the new element in.

Remove the screws from the box, if the element is mounted into the back wall. This reveals the bracket beneath. Remove the two quarter-inch screws that go from the bracket through the back wall of the oven. Pull out the unit. Plug the new unit in, and replace the screws that mount the bracket and box.

Lift the element slightly, so that the bracket is easy to reach. Remove the two quarter-inch screws from the bracket. Slide the unit out from the back wall of the oven. Two wires will come out several inches. Don't allow them to slip back inside the wall of the oven.

Check to see if the wires are fastened to the element with screws or spade terminals.

Use a pair of pliers to grip the ends of element if the wires are held on with screws. Use a quarter-inch nut-driver to undo the screws while holding the pliers with the other hand. The wires are free. Set the old unit to the side. Fasten the wires to the new unit and push it into place.

Be extra careful when gripping the ends of the new element with the pliers. The ends of the element may bend or break if you don't have a good hold with the pliers.

Use a pair of pliers to pull the spade terminal from the ends of an element without screws. Set the unit to the side. Use the pliers to slip the wires onto the ends of the new element. The element is ready to be mounted into place.

Things You Will Need

  • Quarter-inch nut-driver
  • Pliers
  • Drop light


  • Set a drop light into the oven to help you see as you work.


  • Disconnect the power from your oven before replacing the element.

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