How to Remove Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol From a Wood Floor

If you are fortunate enough to have beautiful hardwood floors in your home, you are aware of the importance of proper floor maintenance. Nothing could be more upsetting than finding scratches or stains on your floors. There are some stains that tend to be harder to get out then others. Alcohol stains can be particularly disturbing, but they are not impossible to get rid of. It is important to treat the affected area as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. There is no need to pay professionals to remove the alcohol stain when you can do it yourself.

  1. Mix powdered pumice stone with linseed oil until a paste forms.

  2. Rub paste in the direction of the wood grain using a lint-free cotton rag.

  3. Polish area once stain is removed.


  • Do not attempt to use vinegar or bleach to remove alcohol stains because they can cause more damage.

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