How to Increase the Pressure in a Well Pump Tank

Water pressure is one of the biggest complaints of home owners. The pressure tank pulls in water from the well and pushes it through to the water heater. It also keeps pressure in the water lines so that the water comes out from the pipes. The water pressure tank is normally blue, and it sits right next to your water heater tank.

Increasing the Pressure in a Well Pump Tank

  1. Locate the pressure switch cover. It is located next to the pressure gauge. Remove the cover by unscrewing the two screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

  2. Look under the cover and locate the shut off and turn on pressures. There are three different pressure standards for a home water pressure tank. They are 20/40, 30/50, and 40/60. This means that the tank will bring in more water when the pressure in the tank reaches the lower number, and it will stop bringing in water at the higher number.

  3. Turn on the kitchen faucet and go look at the pressure gauge if you cannot locate the sticker on the bottom of the cover. Listen for the pump to kick on and, when it does, look at the pressure gauge to see what number it kicks on. This will indicate which pressure setting your switch is set on. The tank may kick on at 16 lbs. psi or 22 lbs. psi. This is just an indication of whether your settings are 20/40, 30/50, or 40/60.

  4. Turn the faucet off and let the tank fill back up. Look at the number on the gauge when pump has stopped pulling water in. This is the higher number of the pressure standard. This number tells you how much it needs to be turned up. If you are on a 30/50 standard and the tank kicks off at 46 lbs. psi, then you can turn the tank up 4 lbs. psi.

  5. Unplug the tank from the wall outlet and turn the breaker off.

  6. Turn the nut located under the cover that was removed clockwise with an adjustable wrench. Generally, every 1 ½ turns equals 3 lbs. psi. Turn the nut until it the pressure is back up to the maximum pressure allowable, which is the higher number on your tank switch standards.

  7. Replace the pressure switch cover. Plug the tank back into the outlet, and turn on the breaker.


  • Never increase the pressure in the tank above the standards for your tank. For instance, do not turn the pressure up to 54 lbs. psi when you have 30/50 standards.
  • Never turn the pressure up on a tank that has power to it.
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