How to Get Ants Out of Your House

In this article you will learn how to get rid of ants.

I have a pest license in the state of Texas. Pest control companies are not always what you would hope. Pest control companies stay in business by keeping you as a customer. There are several types of ants.

Find where the ants are coming from. They will usually be around a source of water. If you don't find them there look around your food.

Examine the ant . It is very possible to have more than one type of ant in your home.

Location is very important in deciding which type of ant you are facing. Some of the treatments that work well with one type of ants can cause a horrible reaction to another type of ant

For instance Pharaoh Ants are treated with a baiting system. This type of ant you have to poison slowly. As all types of ants the Phorah ant sends out scouts. The difference if the scout ants dont return. This causes a splinter effect causing one colony to erupt into multiple colonies and they spread to different areas of your home.

When you have a specimen of the ants or ants. Find a website I like this one

Most ants can be handled on your own. If you can follow simple directions on the cans you can take care of your own ant problems at a fraction of the cost of using a pest control company.

If you determine that you have carpenter ants. This ant is harder to rid your house of than most others. More times than not carpenter ants are bigger and have red and black or black and red in color. There are subspecies of carpenter ants that are black totally. Carpenter ants cut their way through wood. They dont consume the wood but the weaken the structure over time. A tell tail sign of a carpenter ant infestation are piles of saw dust looking material. I am sorry to inform you that if you have a carpenter ant problem that you could very well have an underlying termite problem.Carpenter ants attack Termites.

Things You Will Need

  • You will need to catch one of these ants.
  • Magnifying glass
  • Pictures of what each ant looks like
  • patients


  • Once you have found out what type of ant you have check back on my how to list for ways to treat that type of ant. I will be writing a series of articles about how to defend your home against all ant attacks.


  • IF you call a pest control company and they try to tell you all ants are treated the same way don't believe them. If the pest control company tries to charge you extra for different pest then you should hang up on them and find another pest control company or do it yourself.