How to Get Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Improve the look and feel of your master suite, guest bathroom or downstairs powder room by launching a bathroom remodeling project. Whether you want a different wall color, a suite of new fixtures and bathroom lighting or an updated look for your bathroom shower or flooring, you may want to do it yourself or hire professionals to complete the overhaul. Before you begin remodeling bathrooms in your home, consult a variety of sources to get bathroom remodeling ideas as valuable design inspiration.

Look at as many bathroooms as possible to find remodeling ideas.

Step 1

Request a free professional decorator consultation with bathroom remodelers. Not only will you receive advice on colors, fixtures and an improved flow to the room, you may also wish to use the decorator's team of professionals to tackle aspects of the bathroom remodel that you'd rather not handle yourself. Bath remodelers can help you find contractors to install new bathroom lighting, a new bathroom shower or bathroom flooring, for example.

Step 2

Use bathroom remodeling software that can help you choose designs and bathroom fixtures, as well as determine the spacing and floor plan for a total bathroom remodel. Purchase the remodeling program or use free software available on home improvement websites.

Step 3

Tour model homes featured in developments. The decked-out bathrooms will help you discover attractive color combinations, accessories and tub and tile ideas. Maybe even some of what not to do.

Step 4

Visit home-improvement showrooms to see bathroom shower fixtures or bathroom flooring options in person. The selection will enable you to compare the alternatives side by side and see how well different metals, tiles or marble styles work with various shades and finishes of wood cabinetry.

Step 5

View product setup images on manufacturer websites. For instance, to show off their tile, many tile manufacturers will include images of the tile in full bathrooms.


  • When you get bathroom remodeling ideas from magazines or brochures ensure the dimensions of the bathroom lighting, flooring, tub, shower or sink option,s will work with your room dimensions. If not, determine if the manufacturer makes smaller versions for condos or apartments or if you can find a contractor to custom make a replica to suit your space.

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