How to Make Bird Food Out of Old Bread

Mason Howard

Old bread is the perfect way to attract birds. Making your own bird food using old bread is fun because you can be creative with the ingredients you use. Old bread combined with a protein base helps give birds the nutrition they need. Just make sure that the ingredients you use are okay for the species of birds you are feeding. Foods with caffeine, alcohol or chocolate should not be used.

  1. Cut away any mold on the bread and let the bread sit out until it becomes stale.

  2. Use suet and/or peanut butter as a base for the bird food. Melt suet on the stove in a saucepan with low heat. Add an equal part of peanut butter to the suet. You can also use plain peanut butter, without melted suet, as the base.

  3. Mix in a variety of crunchy ingredients that birds love (after the suet has cooled a bit, if you are using it). These ingredients include, but are not limited to: sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, cornmeal, peanuts, raisins, cereal, granola and popcorn.

  4. Crumble in dried bread or spread the mixture between slices of bread like a sandwich. Pack the mixture or place chunks of the sandwiches in plastic tubs, feeders, trays, wire mesh sheathes or other forms and hang them or set them out for the birds. You can also hang pine cones coated with the mixture. The sandwiches can also be taken to the park and torn up in bits for feeding ducks and geese.