How to Remove Wine Stains From Clothing

Need to remove a red wine stain? Don't worry, tough wine stains are a thing of the past. With better cleaning solutions available to us today, the once feared wine stain is no longer a problem. No more running to the bathroom as soon as the wine hits your clothing. This method I'm about to show you will remove even old soaked in wine stains the first time.

Wine Spill
  1. Soak the wine stain with a generous amount of Spray & Wash. This product can be found by the laundry detergent in any grocery or hardware store.

  2. After the stain has soaked for about 10 minutes, vigorously work the stain out using an old toothbrush. While your scrubbing the wine stain, run the garment under cold water to remove the stain as it works it's way out of the fabric.

  3. When the wine stain is completely gone, wash the garment as instructed on the label in your washing machine. If you can still see any traces of the stain after the washing cycle is complete, treat and wash the fabric again before putting it in the dryer.

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