How to Choose the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Selecting a vacuum cleaner for commercial use involves different criteria than choosing a machine intended for home use. A commercial vacuum cleaner will need a powerful motor as it will probably be used more often and in larger areas than a home vacuum. However, a small company with limited floor space will have different cleaning needs than a firm that spans several floors of an office building. Researching commercial vacuum cleaners may take a little effort but becoming an educated consumer helps you make the best choice for your money.

Purchase a vacuum cleaner that best meets your needs.
  1. Consider the cleaning environment. Wood floors require different treatment than carpeting. Cleaning shag carpeting may require different vacuuming techniques than cleaning broadloom. A commercial vacuum cleaner should be able to scoop up coins or paper clips without jamming. A pet-store owner needs a vacuum that picks up pet hair easily while a child-care center operator requires a machine that takes on tough stains.

  2. Think about the features that are most important but don't forget about other factors such as the length of the cord and the location of local repair facilities.

  3. Do research online. Visit manufacturers' websites to compare features and read testimonials from customers. Visit online forums to get anecdotal information from customers. Visit reputable third-party websites such as Consumer Reports to get unbiased information on machines you are interested in.

  4. Go to a dealer and ask for a demonstration of several models. This will give you an opportunity to compare how each of the vacuum cleaners handles and allow you to compare noise levels.

  5. Consider renting before you buy. Once you have narrowed down your list of choices, contact a dealer and inquire about the cost of leasing a commercial vacuum.

  6. Inquire about warranty information for machines you are interested in. Make sure you clearly understand what the warranty covers and for how long.

  7. Consider your budget. Once you have compared features and functionality, buy the vacuum cleaner that has the most for your money.

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