How to Clean Carpet With Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Every once in awhile, you may get a stain in your carpet that seems impossible to clean. Whether it's greasy or just ground into the carpet fibers so deep that nothing else seems to work, simple dishwashing liquid is a powerful agent that lifts dirt out of fibers and helps break up grease and oil for easier cleanup. Because dishwashing soap contains powerful grease-fighting agents, this remedy works hard on unexpected footprints tracked in from the garage.

  1. Apply one tsp. of liquid dishwashing soap directly to the stain on your carpet.

  2. Soak a sponge in warm water, and then wring it out to get rid of excess water.

  3. Rub the damp sponge over the soap, working it into the stain. Rub until a nice foam builds on top of the stain and seeps into the fibers of the carpet.

  4. Allow the soap foam to settle into the fibers for 10 to15 minutes. This will give the stain time to break up so you can easily wipe it away.

  5. Rinse your soapy sponge, and wring out most of the water. You will want to keep the sponge somewhat wet so you can work the water into the soap and dissolve it.

  6. Sponge the stain in circular motions, wiping up the soap and rinsing it out of the sponge. Wring the water from the sponge, and continue to mop up the soap and water from the stain.

  7. Blot dry with a paper towel once you have cleaned all the soap away from the carpet fibers. Inspect the stain. If it is gone, dry the carpet immediately with a hair dryer set on low heat. If the stain is only lightened, repeat the process.

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