How to Use a Picture Hanging Wire

Jay Darrington

A picture can be a great addition to any room in your house or apartment. It can be a great conversation piece or just simply something to brighten up a room. Typically, in order to hang a picture on a wall, you will need to use picture hanging wire to hang it off of a nail. Setting up the hanging wire involves a few quick steps, but you will be able to secure your picture better when hanging it.

  1. Pre-drill the holes for the eye screws into the picture frame. The ideal area to pre-drill is one-third of the distance from the top of the picture. Note that most metal frames have eye screws already included with the picture frame, so you won't need to drill. If this is the case, skip to Step 3.

  2. Install the eye screws into the drilled holes using a screwdriver. Pull on them to make sure they are secure.

  3. Measure enough wire so that you have about one and a half times the distance between the two eye screws.

  4. Place the wire so that the line outside the frame is equal on both sides. Loop the wire twice around one of the eye screws, and then wrap any extra wire back around the eye screw once. Repeat this step for the other eye screw.

  5. Test the wire's tension by lifting up on it. The wire should not go up any further than the halfway mark of the picture frame.

  6. Hang the picture on the wall using a nail. Note that for heavy picture frames, you may need to hang the picture on a stud.