How to Fix an Electric Starter on a Gas Grill

Most gas grills come with an electric ignition system integrated with the design. The ignition system can often be the first component to wear on the grill and needs replacing more often than anything else. The electric ignition uses two electrodes that create an electric spark when the button or switch is pushed. When the fuel is turned on, the spark will ignite the gas.

  1. Determine what kind of grill you are using. Although you can use universal electric starters, it's best to use a replacement made by the same manufacturer as the grill. The brand of the grill should be marked somewhere on the lid, or stamped on the handles. Some electric starters use a battery to generate spark, so check the battery to make sure that it is functioning properly before taking apart the rest of the grill.
  2. Follow the ignition line from the ignition button to the inside of the grill. Under the grill you will see a cord that runs from the button up through the bottom of the grill and into the cooking chamber underneath the heating source.
  3. Remove the fittings that keep the ignition system in place. Fittings are usually a ring or clips that keep the system secured to the bottom. A screw usually keeps the ignition system in place, remove this screw to access the old electric starter.
  4. Replace the electric starter system components with working replacement parts. The replacement kits come with parts to replace the entire system, but you may only need to replace the ignition coil or cord.

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement ignition system


  • Make sure that the coil is secured tightly or it may not engage the fuel which would make the starter system useless.
  • If a spark can be seen inside the grill and it appears to be working but will not light, try cleaning the tip of the electrodes with an alcohol swab.

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