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How to Hang Furnaces

Elizabeth Knoll

While most furnaces are set on the ground vertically, sometimes it is necessary to hang a furnace from the ceiling. Whether the reason is space restrictions or you just would like your furnace up and out of the way, hanging a furnace is a moderately easy task. A homeowner who is well-versed in home remodeling should be able to complete this task with little trouble.

  1. Measure the width of your furnace. Cut your Unistrut 4 inches larger than that dimension. This will give you 2 inches of Unistrut on each side to attach your hanging rods.

  2. Determine how far down from the ceiling you want to hang your furnace. Measure from the ceiling to where the bottom of your furnace will be. Add 2 inches to this dimension and cut four 3/8-inch threaded rods at that length. For example: your furnace is 24 inches high. You want to hang the top of it 6 inches below the ceiling. Add 24 and 6 together, then add 2. Cut your rods at 32 inches long.

  3. Measure the distance between your outermost slots on the Unistrut. On your ceiling, screw in two Sammys, ensuring you are screwing them into joists. If needed, use a stud finder to locate joists. The distance between them will be the same as the distance you measured on your Unistrut.

  4. Measure the length of your furnace and screw two more Sammys in behind the first set. Screw the threaded rods into the Sammys and tighten them down. Slide the Unistrut on to the threaded rods and secure with nuts and washers. Ideally, have a nut and washer on top of the Unistrut, and a nut and washer underneath. Point the flat part of the Unistrut up.

  5. Measure the hangers and verify that the furnace will sit on top properly. You'll want one Unistrut toward the front of the furnace and one toward the back.

  6. Set the furnace on the Unistrut. Use your level and level the furnace both ways. Adjust the nuts as necessary. Tighten all nuts down when finished.