How to Get Nails Out of Dry Wall

Homeowners use nails to hang pictures and other wall décor and to attach molding to the walls in their homes.

When remodeling or redecorating a room, it is often necessary to remove nails from drywall. When removing nails from drywall, it is important to be careful and to use the proper technique for removal, or you may damage the drywall, creating even more work. Removing nails from drywall is a simple process you can accomplish with a couple of basic home repair tools you probably already have in your garage.

Pull the nail with your fingers. Some nails are thin and narrow and slide easily out of the drywall.

Grasp nails that did not come out using your fingers with a pair of pliers, and pull the nails from the wall. Pull the nail straight out from the wall at the same angle it goes into the wall to reduce the chance of damaging the drywall. Use only moderate strength to remove the nail. If the nail does not come out using moderate strength, it is likely nailed into a wall stud and requires a different removal method.

Hold a thin, flat, hard item made from wood or metal beneath the nail to be removed. A metal plate is a good example of an acceptable item. Make sure the item you use is not flexible.

Place the claw end of a hammer around the nail to be removed with the claw end on the top and set the head of the hammer beneath the nail on the hard item you're holding below the nail. Pull the handle of the hammer down to remove the nail from the wall. The hard item will prevent the head of the hammer from damaging the drywall.

Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Flat, hard item made from metal or wood
  • Claw hammer

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