How to Build a Barbeque Grill

Barbecuing makes every sunny day a good day for a backyard feast.

Build a very durable, classic barbecue grill from brick and mortar.
Outdoor cooks might want to spend more time cooking on the barbecue than a store-bought barbecue can take. Build your own brick-and-mortar barbecue for a lifetime of grilling pleasure. .

Make a wooden frame that fits just inside the dimensions of the barbecue. The barbecue design has two equal sides and a back about 4 feet high. The back width is 3 feet. Side walls measure 2 1/2 feet wide. To the right is a wall parallel to the side wall, and equal to its width.

Put three boards together for the main frame and cut one board to 2 1/2 feet for the side measure. Place the boards on the barbecue site. The best place for a barbecue is a hard, deep surface such as a paved area on the patio.

Lay the bottom rows of bricks dry. Make a U-shaped course, with the back and two sides. and make the row to the side. Once you know how the bricks need to be placed and mortared, lay the bricks with mortar.

Make the mortar using soft building sand and cement. Mix together five parts soft building sand with one part cement. Pour the mortar into a tray.

Begin building to the height of the slab table. For example, seven standard bricks make a good height. Lay and mortar bricks until you have built the seventh course in both the main barbecue and the side wall. After the first course, remove the wooden frame.

Turn two bricks sideways for both the left and right sides. Place them in the side rows of bricks in the eighth brick course, spaced apart to support the grate in the main structure. These supports are the barbecue's corbels. The right side corbels, which protrude out both the left and right, and the side wall support the slate table. Complete the side wall with an eighth course.

Lay another course and then make a 10th course with another set of four corbels to support the grill in the main structure.

Complete two more courses on the main barbecue. Place the grate on the bottom corbels and the grill on the top corbels. Set the slate table on the outside bottom corbels and the side wall.

Things You Will Need

  • Grill
  • Grate
  • Slate table
  • Bricks, including half bricks
  • Soft building sand
  • Cement
  • Trowel
  • Tray


  • Build the barbecue in a place near the house for easy cooking, but far enough away to give you good air and light.

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