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How to Kill Tadpoles in a Pond

Nikki Fiedler

While tadpoles may be cute at the time, they eventually turn into frogs and multiply. If the idea of having your yard and pond overcome with frogs is not your idea of the creatures you are hoping to attract, and if frog chirping is not considered peaceful nature music, you may choose to kill and remove the tadpoles before they become a larger nuisance.


  1. Use a fishing net to fish out the majority of the tadpoles in your pond (this is for a smaller, man-made pond).

  2. Place these collected tadpoles in the bucket and let stand until they have dried out.

  3. Add pond fish to your pond. These opportunistic omnivores will most likely clear out your tadpoles in a few months.

  4. If tadpoles persist, fish out your pond fish that you wish to save and add a mixture of pesticides to the pond to kill the remaining tadpoles (only use this in a man-made, smaller pond in which you have legal right to dump pesticides).

  5. Increase the salinity or change the pH of your pond by adding salt or chlorine.