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How to Remove Too Much Water Sealer From Wood

Aram Khayatpour

Applying water sealer to outdoor wood, such as a deck or fencing, is an essential task for keeping it from quickly becoming damaged by the elements. Applying sealer is a relatively easy task, but sometimes there can be spills or accidents that may lead to excess sealer getting onto your wood. In case of a spill, it is relatively simple to keep the excess sealer from damaging your wood or leaving any lasting marks.

  1. Begin by identifying all the areas which have excess water sealer on them. You should be able to tell from simply looking at the wood and seeing if there is a residue like dried candle wax, but clearer, on the wood. If you cannot see any imperfections, try running your hands along the wood and feeling for excess sealer.

  2. Use 80-grit sandpaper to sand down the spot of the excess water sealer. Continue doing this until it is all removed and the wood is flush with the rest of the wood around it.

  3. Wipe off all of the residue that was formed by the sanding, and clean the area using a wood surface cleaner and some paper towels.

  4. Apply a new layer of water sealer to the area that you sanded. Allow the water sealer 24 hours to dry.