How to Remove Water Stains From Wood Furniture With Vaseline

Chris Hoke

In the normal course of using a piece of wood furniture, it may become water-damaged. Condensation on the bottom of a glass or a small spill that isn't promptly cleaned up may leave white water stains that show up more prominently on darker woods such as alder or walnut.

A cheap and efficient way to remove these water stains is with a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline, which can be purchased at most grocers and drug stores. When applied correctly, there is very little risk of damaging the wood surface and the stains will come out easily.

  1. Dip the corner of a dry sponge into the Vaseline container.

  2. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the surface of the white water stain with the sponge. Let it stand overnight or at least eight hours. The Vaseline will replace the trapped moisture beneath the furniture's surface during this time.

  3. Wipe the surface of the water stain with a clean soft cloth to remove the Vaseline and examine the area. If the water stain has not disappeared completely, repeat the application of Vaseline. Leave it on for a longer period of time before wiping clean.