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How to Open a 2 Gallon Bucket Lid

Deborah Stephenson

Those lidded buckets are handy to have around; you can store everything in them from soup to nuts, paint or toys. But the lids can cause some frustration. How do you get the blasted things off anyway? Sometimes it is enough to make you scream and avoid them all together. Relax, because there is a way to remove the lids that is not particularly difficult, and once you have done it a few times, it will get even easier.

  1. Use a sharp utility knife to cut through the plastic around the rim at the indicated areas where the sections (called cut slots) are deliberately thinner.

  2. Use a special bucket lid lifter tool to pry off the lid. These are simple, cheap tools available at most hardware, paint and DIY stores for under $5 (as of 2009).

  3. If you do not have access to the bucket tool, start with one section, and lift from the edge until you feel it give a little. Go on to the next section and so on, working your way all the way around the edges of the lid until you get back to the starting point.

  4. Lift the first section a bit harder; follow with another section or two. With the vacuum seal broken, there should be enough give to allow you to pry the whole lid up from that side.