How to Test an Invisible Fence

The Invisible Fence is a trademarked brand of fencing for animals. It isn't actually invisible, but the wires for it are buried underground where they can't be seen. There is a radio frequency that is broadcast through these buried wires. The animal wears a collar tuned to the same frequency of the wires that will beep when they get too close to them. If the animal crosses the wire, then a shock will be delivered through the collar.

Testing the Invisible Fence

  1. Grasp the collar in your hand.

  2. Lower the collar until you are holding it at roughly the same height as your dog's neck.

  3. Walk towards the buried wires, or the fence.

  4. Listen for a beep. If you hear it, you know the unit is functioning properly. If you don't, then you know you need to troubleshoot your system using the manual that came with it.


  • Don't touch the metal prongs or you will receive a shock when you are too close to the fence.