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How to Make a Path through an Underground Dog Fence

Keith Allen

Underground dog fencing utilizes a weak radio signal along a buried wire to trigger a shock to a dog equipped with an electronic collar, if the dog gets too near the wire. By exposure to these mild shocks the dog learns to stay within the confines of the underground fence. Creating a gap through this buried wire perimeter allows the owner to walk the dog outside the perimeter. The same techniques used in the installation of the underground fence create the path.

  1. Make some twisted wire. Cut two lengths of the same wire used in the underground fence equal to the twice the distance of the planned path plus at least four times the effective operating distance of the underground fence signal. Check this distance in the operating manual of the fence.

  2. Place the ends of the wires together and wrap with electrical tape. Tape one end of the combined wires to the chuck of an electrical drill. Stretch out the wire before turning on the drill. Operate the drill until the wire is twisted to the point there are four revolutions of wire for each inch of the wire. This will shorten the overall length of the wire by about 50 percent.

  3. Remove the electrical tape from the ends, and twist the stripped ends of the two wires together.

  4. Replace the segment of the underground dog fence intended for the path with the twisted wire. The twists of the wire will create a signal dead-zone. Fasten the underground fence wire to the stripped ends of the twisted wire and seal with electrical tape.