How to Start a Gravely Tractor

Familiar to both professionals and homeowners, Gravely Tractor has serviced many yards with their mowers, trimmers and hedgers.

In the interest of safety, familiarize yourself with the equipment and its safety features before you use a Gravely. .

Position all operating levers in the neutral setting. Position the clutch control attachment in the disengaged position.

Open the valve on the fuel tank and make sure fuel is in the tank.

Check that the oil level is on the full mark. Open the throttle approximately half way.

Attach the strap to the pulley (on manual starter tractors). Find the strap on the attachment boss cover, the housing cover of the engine. Place the strap in the hole, positioning it over the pin in the pulley groove. Wind the strap going the direction of the arrow on the pulley. Pull the strap fast and hard.

Choke the machine using the choke at the tractor controls. Pull the choke out. For electric starters, press the starter button with your toe.


  • When starting your tractor in cold weather, make sure to use the appropriate weight oil to help ensure your engine starts.


  • Do not operate the tractor around people.
  • Wear protective clothing such as goggles, ear protection, work boots and snug-fitting clothing.
  • Read your owner's manual thoroughly and follow all operating instructions.