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How to Replace a Lawnboy Pull Cord

Dan Falk

The pull cord replacement on a Lawn Boy lawnmower is one of the most common and frequent types of repairs that are done on this type of lawnmower; however, it is also one of the easiest and most minor repairs for any lawnmower, and fixing this will drastically increase its life span.

With the average cost of having this fixed in a shop being at least $60 for the labor alone, it is further economical and cost efficient to replace this part on one’s own. Since this is one of the most highly rated lawnmowers available today, maintaining this lawnmower for as long as possible by fixing any minor repairs such as this will be well worth the effort.

Replace a Lawnboy Pull Cord

  1. Drain gas into container; reference the diagram, and remove the hose and primmer.

  2. Remove the cover housing by unscrewing the three screws holding it in place. Next, remove the start cover by unscrewing the four screws holding it in place remove the recoil part.

  3. Remove the recoil assembly from the engine.

  4. Unwind the old rope from the spool/pulley and discard; tie a knot at the end of the new rope.

  5. Wind the center spool right to left until tight.

  6. Replace the cover and housing if necessary; align holes of the pulley with the holes of the recoil housing, and insert the new rope into the pulley hole and outside the recoil until the knot is reached.

  7. Hold the rope and pulley together while you attach the handle; adjust rope to the length of the handle. Upon releasing the rope, the rope should recoil back into the housing.