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How To Repair a Greenlee 746

Jill Kokemuller

The Greenlee 746 hydraulic pump driver is used in conjunction with a hand or foot pump and punches to punch holes in metal. The hole sizes are varied by using different sized punches and dies. The pump driver unit weighs about 5 pounds and is composed of approximately 12 basic parts. Pump drivers require little maintenance other than keeping dirt and debris out of the driver. Hydraulic oil lubricates the inner parts. If the pump does break repair kits are available.

The Greenlee 746 punches holes in metal like the manual tool punches holes in paper.

Step 1

Keep the pump driver free of debris so the internal parts operate efficiently and have less wear.

Step 2

Refer to the parts list and schematic and use the repair kit to disassemble the driver. The driver consists of a shaft, piston, cylinder, compression springs, retainer, plug with quick disconnect, and several o-rings and retainer rings.

Step 3

Inspect the parts for wear as you remove them. Place the parts in order to aid in re-assembly. When you see the part that is cracked or worn, consult the parts list to order the replacement part. Once you have the new part or parts re-assemble the driver according to the schematic in the kit, making sure all seals are tight and the new parts are lubricated.