How to Get Duck Tape Off a Surface

Duck tape is one well-known brand of duct tape, a strong and versatile type of adhesive tape. Duck tape sticks to most clean surfaces. Once it is stuck, it’s meant to last a long time. Removing this tape isn’t easy (and often isn’t possible) if you simply try to pull it off. You can spare your wrists and fingers by using a product that will loosen the adhesive’s bonding ability. Once the glue loses it’s tenacious grip, you can more easily pull or scrape the Duck tape off a surface.

Step 1

Put on rubber or vinyl gloves so you don’t get adhesive or adhesive remover on your hands. Spray WD-40 around the edges and corners of the Duck tape.

Step 2

Wait 5 minutes for the WD-40 to soften the adhesive. Push the blade of your plastic scraper (plastic is less likely to damage surfaces than a metal scraper) against one corner of the tape to lift it from the surface.

Step 3

Grasp the corner and slowly peel the Duck tape from the surface. Spray additional WD-40 on the tape as you go if it is difficult to pull. If the tape rips, discard the ripped piece and use the scraper to lift another corner.

Step 4

Spray WD-40 on any remaining residue from the Duck tape. Wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Use dish soap and water to clean off traces of WD-40 from the surface.


  • WD-40 is flammable. Do not use this while smoking or around any open flames.
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