How to Fix Minor Cracks in Drywall After Knockdown Texture Has Been Applied

The nice thing about fixing minor cracks in textured walls is that no sanding is required.

Repairing the Drywall

On the other hand, you have to match the texture after you've repaired the crack. If it's a hairline crack, you may be able to fix it using nothing more complex than spackle or caulk and your fingertip. If it's still obvious, there are some products available that allow you to apply and match any texture, including knockdown, without a lot of mess.

Step 1

Wipe or brush down the crack to remove loose material.

Step 2

Apply "no-shrink" spackle with your fingertip along the crack. Vinyl spackle and joint compound shrinks as it dries and usually requires two coats, but the no-shrink spackle will fill minor cracks and small holes without shrinking.

Step 3

Allow it to dry for about an hour, then use a slightly damp (not soaking wet) rag to wipe away any excess.

Step 4

Prime the repair. If you can't see it, paint the wall. If the repair is easily visible, you'll have to match the knockdown texture.

Matching Knockdown Texture

Step 1

Purchase a can of knockdown spray texture from a paint or hardware store. The can will come with three straws, for matching coarse, medium or fine texture. Select the appropriate straw; if you're not sure which to use, apply some to a sheet of cardboard to compare it to the existing texture and get a feel for how to use it.

Step 2

Apply a light coat of the texture along the crack. It's easy to go back and fill in thin areas, but almost impossible to fix too-heavy texture so use a very light touch. Wait 10 to 20 minutes until the texture has started to set up, then flatten it down gently with a wide putty or drywall knife.

Step 3

Allow the knockdown to dry. A very light coat may dry in as little as 30 minutes, coarser texture can take 4 hours or more. Prime the repair before painting the wall.

Things You Will Need

  • Spackle
  • Caulking
  • Damp rag
  • Primer
  • Spray texture
  • 4- to 9-inch putty or drywall knife


  • Carefully apply a bead of paintable silicone caulking to persistent cracks that keep reappearing. Wait 4 hours; then apply no-shrink spackle with your fingertip. The caulking is flexible and will bridge minor stress cracks, preventing them from reappearing.
  • The higher the paint sheen, the more it will show repairs and surface imperfections. A flat or eggshell finish will disguise imperfect repairs.


  • Purchase the water-based spray texture, not the oil-based one. It's much easier to use and can be cleaned up with a damp rag.

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