How to Install Stadium Seats as Furniture

When old Busch Stadium in St.

Louis or Yankee Stadium in the Bronx had dates with the wrecking ball, collectors scooped up vestiges of the old ball yards to sell to nostalgia buffs. A stadium seat represents one of the most popular items to come from the dying or dead sports arenas. While the seats might not meld well with your living room furniture, they certainly work in a den, a kid's room or the family room near the television on which you watch all of your sports. If you have spent the $400 or $500 to own such a piece of sports history, installing stadium seats as furniture in your house can be done in a few inexpensive steps.

Identify where you wish to install your stadium seats. Position the seats in that location. Take a pencil and trace on the floor an outline of the screw holes in the seats' metal floor mount, which is also known as a standard.

Use a box cutter to cut into any carpet along the standard's perimeter. Remove the carpet section once it is cut. Repeat step 1, using a pencil to mark the screw holes in the standard on the floor. Move the seats away from your floor markings.

Drill each of the points that you marked step 1 and/or 2, using a 5/32-inch drill bit for soft wood flooring or a 3/16-inch drill bit for hard wood flooring. Clean up the dust from the drilling.

Move the stadium seats back to their earlier location, positioning the screw holes in the standard over your newly drilled holes in the floor. With a Phillips-head screwdriver, screw 1/4-inch and 1-3/4 inch hex head sheet metal screws through the standard into the floor and tighten.

Things You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Box cutter
  • Electric drill
  • 5/32-inch drill bit
  • 3/16-inch drill bit
  • 1/4-inch by 1-3/4 inch hex head metal sheet screws
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

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