How to Unwarp a Wood Floor

Wood floors can become warped from too much moisture or too much sun. Water destroys wood because it causes the fibers to swell and shrink. Heat from the sun harms wood floors because it causes the floor to become overly dry and lose its moisture. The best way to prevent warping is to make sure your floor is properly finished, is not exposed to water and is sheltered from direct sunlight. You can fix a floor if the damage is not severe.

Step 1

Place damp towels over the warped boards for at least two days.

Step 2

Drill holes every 3 inches in each warped board.

Step 3

Use a screwdriver to insert wood screws into the holes.

Step 4

Fill in the holes with wood filler.

Step 5

Refinish and reseal the wood to prevent humidity from getting into the floor.


  • If a floor has become too warped, it will have to be replaced.
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